Learn Muscles : Anatomy Quiz & Reference

by Real Bodywork



A great reference, testing and education tool. Includes 141 beautiful muscle images with name, action, origin, insertion and comments, plus audio pronounciation guide, a quiz maker, an action viewer and 6 short videos to create a rich learning experience.


★MUSCLE IMAGES: 141 major muscles, both deep and superficial with all important information and comments, plus the ability to add your own notes.

★AUDIO: Pronunciation guide for each muscle.

★QUIZ MAKER: Create your own multiple choice quiz on the name, action, origin or insertion... and focus on the leg, arm, torso or head. 480 total questions. If you get it wrong, the app shows the correct muscle image and speaks the name. Also included is a spelling quiz for the muscle names.

★ACTION VIEWER: 37 joint action animations with the muscles that do the action, plus comments on the mechanics of each joint.

★VIDEOS: 6 embedded videos explaining the function of the hip, shoulder, back and face muscles, as well as fascia and the nervous system (20 min total).

This robust application is a great teaching and learning tool for students, educators and healthcare practitioners wanting to study or teach the muscular system.

✔EXPAND this app with the .99 in-app purchase that adds seven 3d models that you control, with the ability to move down through the layers as you spin the models. At various stops, each structure is clearly labeled and includes general comments.


Learn Muscles : Anatomy Quiz & Reference

Category: Medical

Released: Apr 1, 2010

Version: 2.1.2

Size: 155MB

Seller: Real Bodywork

Price: $2.99

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