DragonCalc - reference guide and breeding calculator for DragonVale

by Max Matveev



Few user reviews:

"Makes breeding 10x easier SSSOOO awesome"

"Man, I wish all of my games had functions with this level of care! I use this for tracking which dragons I own, and for planning which to breed next. It includes a great section for recommending additional features, and lists upcoming features as well. Well-designed and easy to use! Kudos!"

"Better than any other dv guide!"

"Just what you need for dragonvale!"

Calculate how to get the dragon you wish. Calculate possible outcomes of dragon breeding.

Keep track of all your DragonVale dragons, find best formula of getting your favorite dragons, find out all possible outcomes of dragon breeding, share your breeding stats to build up community dragon breeding database.

Database of dragon breeding is completely supported by the application users - every time you accept your breeding result, statistics are updated for all users.

It is not a cheat or hack application - it will not provide you free gems or gold or generate dragons - but it will save you a lot of gems by providing good combinations for getting dragons.


DragonCalc - reference guide and breeding calculator for DragonVale

Category: Games

Released: Jun 5, 2012

Version: 4.6.3

Size: 12MB

Seller: Max Matveev

Price: Free

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