50 Business Lessons

by Docstoc Inc.



Almost all businesses have the same priority: growth.

That’s it.

So whether you want to start a company or run a business better, you know what you want. The difficult part is making it happen.

You know that growth requires the stewardship of a good entrepreneur, but what is a “good entrepreneur,” really?

Truth is, there is no perfect recipe for excellent entrepreneurship. There are a lot of common ingredients: strategic marketing, strong leadership, team building, networking…

The difficulty comes in finding the right measurements, the perfect balance of these ingredients that will lead to the most expansion.

This usually takes a lot of time, experimentation and experience.

Or, you can watch lessons from insiders who have spent years testing what works best, and learn from their wisdom and mistakes.

This app contains 50 hand-picked lessons from founders and CEOs from a range of fields.

If you’re a startup, learn how to get funding and build a company culture primed for growth.

If you’re already working in management, learn how other leaders have increased their company’s motivation and (subsequently) revenue.

So here’s a new year’s resolution: watch one video daily, and see how your leadership improves over the next 50 days. What do you have to lose? And more importantly, what do you have to gain?

Topics include:

  • •Entrepreneurial Insights
  • •Team Building
  • •Working Smart
  • •Developing a Business Philosophy
  • •Making Money

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50 Business Lessons

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